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About Us

We secure frozen food products to meet our customers’ specific needs from more than two dozen countries in Europe and Australasia plus North and South America.

However, we regard ourselves as much more than merely a securer and supplier of food.

Our purpose is to provide real value and to forge mutually rewarding partnerships with our customers and suppliers from around the world; time-proven partnerships founded on trust and broadened through respect.

Our mission

Our relationship-orientated approach to the frozen food business is focused on creating and sustaining long-term partnerships with our suppliers, customers and service providers.

Our suppliers rely on us to promote their products effectively. Our customers rely on us to locate the right products with the best value. With this in mind, the consistent, seamless delivery of each consignment, from the source to its final destination, is our mission.

Our location

Tivali is based in Mauritius to satisfy the needs of all our Africa-bound operations and investments. We chose Mauritius because of its robust, transparent, reliable, business-friendly environment.