Procurement of quality frozen foods is what we do. Partnership is what sets us apart.

We partner with our clients to get a comprehensive understanding of their businesses, their markets and their needs in order to deliver the right products at the right prices. We partner with our suppliers to market and sell their products as effectively as possible while establishing long-term business relationships.

Whether for food services, manufacturing or retail, Tivali secures frozen meat, poultry, seafood, vegetable and dairy products from across the globe.


We source the right amount of frozen food product at the right time and at the right price.
As a true partner, we understand the financial needs of our customers.
Tivali manages the full shipping and logistical requirements from the plant to the doorstep.
We provide great value via competitively priced, first-class storage and transport facilities.
Customer service and supplier relationships are the foundations upon which our business is built.



Our expertise and experience in this product range ensure we deliver the right grade and packaging of beef, lamb, pork, buffalo or game per market.


Tivali sources great value poultry products from a wide market. Whether it's chicken, turkey or duck, we deliver a diverse product range at competitive prices.


Whether farmed or wild-caught, Tivali can supply a wide range of frozen fish and crustacean products from a wide range of ethical suppliers.


Our muli-source supply network ensures we are able to consistently supply a wide range of frozen fruits and vegetables.


Tivali sources quality dairy products such as cheese, butter, milk powder and UHT milk from various manufacturers and processors around the world.